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Tab. No. 1
Поставки коллективного концентрата оксидов редкоземельных металлов (РЗМ).

Technological equipment and working anization

LTD " Integra Group.Ru”, with Navoiy mining and smelting plant partners as well as a number of foreign companies have set up infrastructure to permit technological equipment and technological documentation of a project that includes construction ore separation plant.
Specifically :
a. INTEGRA manufactures proprietary equipment for the technology-OMS and controllers for the removal, processing and management executive devices separators.
b. Ore control Station (OCS), making huge Dumper portion sorting can be not only predicted an average gold content of the body dump (or other containers), but also the nature of its distribution with a resolution of a comparable size piece. This makes it possible to estimate the contrast and hence ore concentration, which ultimately reduces the loss of gold. At the customer's request OCS can be installed digital video, software processing the information provides a preliminary indication of the size composition.
c. The "INTEGRA" technical documentation issued mechanical equipment separators. Over the past 10 years, during which Integra and its partners develop this technology, separators undergone a number of changes. Pumps latest generation in the form of ore separation modules that can be sorted with three screening products in a fully automatic mode with diagnostics of all major hubs, and in emergency situations (Figure No. 1-4). In addition, ore separation module is fully autonomous and it allows quick replacement of the hot pool, which increases the utilization of equipment as a whole in the shop. For Class -50 +25, developed and tested the technology testing new design divider that provides two product sorting (with a certified contents) for higher output at a lower cost (Figure 5). The main technical characteristics are given in table. No. 1.
d. A and the Model Project (designs) for the construction ore separation compound (OSC). The project is the OSC as the sum of modules, each of which has a capacity 0.75 million tons / year of the original mass; 46х15х18m module size. The modules can be combined into a set of desired productivity.
e. Ore separation ACS and OSC, including technical specifications, hardware and software design.
f. All technologies elements, including the way the task and the device it is protected by patents. OSC Model –sent for registration as a useful model.
g. To the new laboratory facilities and experimental testing technology, "INTEGRA" created a special "mobile kit" (Fig. 6) that simulates the real separator, but without the boot bunker and Cam shtuff. The kit is equipped with bars and executive mechanical system (dumper). This kit can be taken at any mine, where it "INTEGRA" can test ore material directly on Mining quarry, mine. In order to carry out tests of useful components kit equipped with a portable X-rayspectrum analyzer.
With this kit "INTEGRA" may, within 1-2 months in a facility to test ore separation technology large volume samples without SRE conditions. Thus, for 2 months at the Norilsk mining site for the mobile package has been updated and more than 5 tons insert ores, about 1 ton of rich ores, etc. and produce concrete results. It must be stressed that the solution to such challenges without a mobile package would require the preparation and transportation of samples to Moscow, its processing in the SRI, testing, etc. The sample is usually on the basis of a few hundred kilograms. , Which reduces the reliability of results; Same time fulfilling such SRE delayed for a 0.5 to 1 year.
In summary, in our opinion, "INTEGRA" has all the necessary conditions for development work related to the introduction of ore separation technology :
• The qualified team person (about 15 people, including physicists, mathematicians, geologists, programmers, engineers);
• laboratory facilities and mobile kit for preliminary research and experiment;
• The bank of technology, including design documentation for the production of separators, project documentation for the construction of the RCC, etc.
• software to ensure optimal filtering and processing of measurements, calculations classification criteria and objectives identification, management and operation of actuators ACS;
• The existing production ore separation equipment Distribution and production of mechanical parts in co-operating plants.
• The four patents and nine defining principal features investigations of the new technology and its implementation.

Tab. No. 1 separators main specifications.





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