Engineer-consulting company «Inegra» specializes in the development and application of modern mining technology and is among the leaders in the industry.

“Integra” was established in 1991 on the base of Rare-metal branches Geology  Institute of Ore Deposits of the USSR academy of sciences. A primary direction of «Integra» activity was engineering and consulting in mining, enrichments and processing of ore minerals.

The company managed to create and put into practice a wide range of technologies aimed at optimizing the integrated mining.

These include computer technology to build a mathematical model of the deposit and to evaluate its reserves, technology optimization shape careers and graphics design, as well as the dispatcher career vehicles, beneficiation and processing of ores.

«Inegra» delivers the equipment and own manufacture installations for mountain enterprises, carries out  and service them

The «Inegra» combines expertise in the field of geology, mining, metallurgy, energy, as well as mathematicians, technologists, physicists and programmers. The company employed three doctors and 4 candidates of sciences.

"Integra has worked closely with major public institutions.

Among them :

  • AUSRIPT industrial technologies, Moscow;
  • Uzbek scientific-research and project institute of industrial technologies (Geotehliti), Tashkent;
  • Russian National Aluminium-Magnesium Institute, St. Petersburg.

The «Inegra» partners represent the world's largest mining complexes in the territory of the CIS, machine-building enterprises, as well as financial companies.

The company is the organizer and the founder of the international Association of development of the advanced mining technologies «Inegra». The companies participate in associations from Russia, Uzbekistan, Canada.