Automatic control systems of transport and ore-flow

Automatic control mountain transport systems (ACS) allows management to gain maximum control over the process works at the quarry and ensure efficient management of transport. These systems are based on the use of GPS and original computer programs.

The system enables measurements of three crew via satellite coordinates in real time with an accuracy of up to five met. in size depending on the equipment used and conditions of the measurement.

To meet these challenges, apply modern mobile microprocessor navigation, communication and control systems designed by "Integra".
Automated management system solves a broad range of tasks. Among them :

• Registration of mining operations at the quarry
• Automatic counting flights dump trucks in real-time detection of violations on flights measuring weight of the payload, mileage, fuel control
• Good governance trucks, automated sending commands to displays of mobile sets, marking violations command execution
• Track ore varieties of excavators and warehouses, marking violations
• Issuing assignments and control of the bulldozers, earth, visualization process assignments
• Issuing assignments and control of ancillary equipment
• Liaised ACS MT with the planning of mining operations.

"Integra" practice work founded that the efficiency of mining transport through the introduction of ACS can be increased up to 30%!

«Integra» ACS advantages :

  • The selection and / or development physical chemistry, analytical and measuring techniques for ACS customer.
  • Design, development and manufacturing of cost checking processor modules based on the latest industrial microprocessors.
  • Design, manufacture, deployment and adaptation of distributed checking systems with unlimited amount of cost-processor modules.
  • Design, manufacture, deployment of wireless telecommunications modules for the transmission of information between Switching Processor modules.
  • Develop of checking systems to connect to both the patient as well as mobile equipment, produced by different companies at different times.