Calculation of the best form of his career and fine-tune the schedule

Unique computer technology company, Integra “allows us to provide the best for profit, while achievable technical limitations and scheduling of the quarry and its final form.

These technologies have been developed on behalf of the USSR MIC government for the design and management of mining career Muruntau-the world’s largest gold mining career. Like many technologies of this kind, they are not published in the press.

The application of these technologies has reduced :

  • the volume of overburden to 15% without diminishing stocks of ores and metal;
  • the volume of capital expenditures at 14.2%,
  • the cost of producing 1 ton of ore at 25% ,
  • Cost of 1 gram of the metal by 15%.

According to the Public Examination only 8 years working off deposit , using of these technologies quarry Muruntau earned a profit of $ 121 million dollars.

Using a mathematical model of the deposit, this technology provides a limit career, working off iron ore deposit with a maximum profit at given prices of useful components, value dependent on the mining conditions, the proportion of loans, etc.

The technology has been successfully applied to such giant deposits as the largest Udokan deposit copper, Muruntau gold deposit , iron ore deposits in central Russia and others.

In determining the optimum limit forms quarry estimated the time between the investment and the time they return to allow for the % effects of the loans in the development of mining operations at the time of choosing the best form of career

Input data for the design are forecast in the price of the end product and the percentage of loans, the value of work and equipment required for the construction of career options transport schemes, as well as the mathematical model of the deposit. By varying the input data can be best meet the challenges of the mountainous part of the project, which is the most important and costly part of the exploration in general.

The calculation of the optimal calendar career development is one of the most important and difficult tasks of design mining open. It faces the challenge of economic investment and sophisticated technological restrictions. Economic factors required to get a quick impact and return on invested capital, the need for major investment opportunities to shift to a later date as soon as possible to go to the current level of mining ores and to the end-product.

At the same time, technological factors require advance of the opening, the construction of transport schemes, the limited speed walls pit down. The optimal solution to this conflict, taking into account the characteristics of useful components and technological properties of ores in the area could only be achieved by using the most advanced computer techniques.

The computer technology implemented in the new management complex dynamic processes. The optimized on the basis of maximum profit at a specified percentage of the loan, taking into account all the technological limitations set by opening-out of a field, the maximum speed downward slope, the size of job sites, the transport schemes built productivity enrichment and metallurgical complexes. Those restrictions (especially on the speed down the quarry) fails to take into account other known technology in the world plotting career development.

The challenge is the calendar schedule development career with a graphical withdrawal of all intermediate forms, counting on the stages of development of rock, weight and quality of the extracted ore, the content of useful components and related economic indicators.

Using this technology, you can compare the graphics of career options for a business’s productivity ore and metal and to find the optimum levels of productivity, which provides the best economic performance and at the same time guarantee the rapid development of overburden to be removed. Our technology provides numerous options for the development of the quarry, to predict crises of underdevelopment opening-up of mining and avoid them.

A comparison with the traditional design, the use of this technology has reduced the cost of construction of a large quarry at 15-18%, saving hundreds of millions of dollars.


The benefits of “Integra” technology – a quarry best final form

This procedure is the “Integra” innovation and has no analogues in other systems design mines. Within the best final form quarry calculated automatically optimal schedule for the development of mining operations, to investigate the most cost-effective way to pit at every stage of the development of mining operations.

 contingency for the final quarry shape depending both on the mining conditions, such opening-out of a field, the width of berms, the minimum size of the quarry bottom, etc., and from changing the price of the end product and economic parameters of the project.

The optimal schedule of mining operations.

• A unique, absent in foreign analogue of mining design and allow the calculation automatically schedule of the business, depending on :

  • mining conditions width working areas, slope height, sinking speed mining zone, est.
  • economic conditions, the price of the end product, the cost of production and increase in the depth, the cost of transportation, processing cost, etc.