B. A. Yatskevich. Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation

CC "Integra" is passed from leading Russian companies in the field of feasibility study evaluation and design mining enterprises of precious and non-ferrous metals.

CC "Integra has developed, both independently and jointly with other organizations, project feasibility studies, as well as assessment of the number of the largest deposits of Russia (Udokan, Suhoy Log, Olimpiadnensk, Nezhdanensk, Aginsk, Asachinsk, Natalka, Mnogovershinnoe, Norilsk group fields, etc.) and a few of them is the general designer.

In the case of major tenders for the right to fine-tune the fields where precious and non-ferrous metals Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation drew CC Integra for techno economic assessment of the competitive offers Russian and Western companies.

The Ministry of Natural Resources believes that ЗАО “Integra "in the professional level, the volume of tasks and effectiveness of benefit fully satisfy the requirements of world standards consulting-engineer top-class companies, estimates are very competent and reliable, and can serve as the basis in dealing with investment and lending Mountain Projects.

Navoy mining and smelting Plant (Uzbekistan) General- Director N.I. Kuchersky.

CC "Integra" (Russia) for more than seven years, is a leading consulting - engineering firm, decisive orders from Navoy mining and smelting Plant the essential task of mining operations associated with the extraction of gold and uranium such as:

making mathematical models of distribution Stockpiling fields in the subsoil, the multivariate counting and parameters optimization of their practice;

Establish systems for the design and career best career working;

Establishment of Management truck career and its ore quality

To our mind "Integra" developments, are unique and according with experts state examination, profits derived from their use only for career Muruntau for the deposit of 250 million $.

I would like to emphasize that "Integra" professionals have high professionalism and responsibility in perception tasks, making our business are strong partnerships and enjoy high mutual respect and trust.

Based on productive many years cooperation I recommend you "Integra" as a reliable, high-quality partner and expert.