«Integra» owns a number of ore-grade and are-separation patented technologies for pre-enrichment rock through the separation of slabs (-200 +25 mm) and little portion sorting stuff (-25mm).

The technology makes it possible to expand the raw material base of both the enrichment of the poor and squalid ores, and by resorting dumps mineralized rocks and, in general, increase production efficiency at many mine sites.

«Integra» has been developing this technology over the years . When used to exclude from processing about 40% gangue from the current production, as well as off-balance-sheet processing ore allocating have enriched concentrate. All of this brings a huge economic impact, in some cases making profitable projects, which were previously considered unprofitable.

«Integra» ore-separation INS could clusters desired productivity, which use enables of different-scale deposits.



Ore-Control Stations (OCS-A)

1. «Integra»’s using in a variety of modern OCS-A tract powerful X-ray generators and original electric -luminescent detectors with high-resolution capability allows for the testing of dump-truck without stopping to better than that of the OCS semiconductor detectors, "indicators of price-quality ". Compared with the proportional gas inflation enumerators are significantly higher accuracy testing.

2. Using OCS-A «Integra» original techniques and ways of correcting the measurements to reflect changing distance from the measured object to block detection that allows testing bodies dump without razing transported them ores and solve the problem of errors from testing in the case of not complete ore load.

3. Characteristics of the measuring circuit allows roentgen -radiometric OCS-A production company «Integra» cope with the so-called “problem of the last bucket”. The problem arises when dump ore content downloading of the transitional zones. Last downloaded dumper of ore determines the result of testing and screening. As «Integra» equipment deciding whether class proven ore using not only information about the average content of useful component in tasting surface, but also the diversity of its distribution, the value of class much more.

4. Geometric conditions for measuring instrumentation OCS-A «Integra» production, and ways of treating the resulting spectra allow high-precision manufacture Express testing ores variable over a wide range of indicators bulk density, true density, moisture and material composition of ore.

Ore control” Integra " stations are one of a series of decisions designed to manage quality ores and directions of ore-flow. Technical equipment OCS and its software are designed in such a way that new modules can make OCS additional properties and increase its capacity, easily integrated into exploitative system.

For example, connectivity modules of distinctive numbers dumpers and weight station allows for on-site automatic mode pre transportation accounting for each lorry. Further development of a system by equipping automatic identification excavators, mining, off-balance sheet rock and warehouses, as well as nodes traffic, provides full control and account for all processes ore and the ability to manage for maximum optimization.

Pairing pre-tested OCS-A database, and even better with the prospecting database allows for a screening playing adaptive strategies to improve the overall quality of screening. Extras planned geological and technical services are expanded information for operational planning and direction of mining.

If necessary, and for any reason there will be a need for additional testing of other methods, such as ensuring the requisite technological properties ore OCS-A can be quickly added instrumentation and do not have to undertake a large amount of alterations of existing equipment and software.

ORE-GRADE complexes (OGC).

  • The technical documentation, including design documentation for the production of separators, project documentation for the construction of the OGC, etc.
  • software to ensure optimal filtering and processing of measurements, calculations classification criteria and objectives identification, management and operation of actuators ACS.
  • Tune up the production priority equipment-separators and the issuance of the mechanical part of co-operating plant.
  • Create new ore-grade modules for classes and -25 -50 +25 +0, with high capacity.
  • The opportunity to work with different types of ores.
  • OGC in the modular building complexes desired productivity.
  • Four patents and know-how nine defining principal features proposed technology and equipment for its implementation.