Operational planning and geologist- mine-surveyor works

«Integra» specialists and NMMP created an unique AS “RUDA” and SAPW MP-computer systems, providing operational planning of mining operations and geologist- mine-surveyor works. These systems have been in operation for more than 20 years, allowing annual multi-million dollar economic impact.

Using programs simulating the development of mining activities on the computer can be obtained option plan for the development of the quarry for the month, quarter, half a year. This option provides the performance of mining ores and metal drilling works, preparation and open stock. In addition, it will be calculated in such a way as to make the minimum haulage shoulder. Then, using a set of interactive graphics can do on-line change of the contours of planned sites in accordance with the specific mining conditions. There are feasibility study of work’ plan issued in plate.

The computer technology optimize and efficiently achieve one of the biggest challenges of a career with Selective extraction of ore, the challenge of building a coal-mining contours industrial ores. This is very relevant to the type of Muruntau fields where extraction contours based on the results of testing, as is usually the ore visually indistinguishable from overburden rock. In this situation, the task of building a coal-mining contours industrial ore is of great practical significance, because errors in delineating lead to direct losses of valuable ores.

Computer technology of the coal mining industry contours based on the mathematical model of modern concentration fields and nonlinear methods interpolated values of the fields.

Using the quarry Muruntau Systems AS “ORE” and SAPW MP based on this technology have significantly (by 6.5%) increase output of commercial ores without compromising their quality, which made it possible for more than a year to extend exploit reserves career Muruntau III line without an increasing.


The advantages of technology «Integra» technology – geologist- mine-surveyor maintenance and operational planning of mining operations.

The system works on the gold pit “Muruntau” (Uzbekistan) in 1983.

Results and conclusions based on years of experience :

  • substantially increases the accuracy of the primal plans;
  • Reducing the length of mining contours;
  • convenient organization mine-surveyor workplace
  • rapid replenishment and maintenance of automatic database
  • reduced losses and losses ores;
  • improved estimation of the average content of useful component in each class extracted ore;

According to the experts during working, “Integra” system has, multimillion-dollar profit.