«Integra» offers innovative technologies for solving the main tasks of mining operations. «Integra» technologies successfully applied in various mining enterprises for many years. The company is constantly improving and customizing their development in accordance with modern standards.

«Integra» technologies include :

  • Design mining sites
  • Computer technology for building mathematical model to evaluate the deposit, stocks
  • Optimization of the quarry and the timetable for its refining
  • Operational planning and geo- mine-surveyor operations
  • Transport Automated Management System
  • Ore sorting and ore separation
  • Enriching rare ores and nonferrous

The main Integra task is optimization of ore output process and lowering operating costs. Effectiveness from “Integra” technologies proven by expertise in large mining operations.

Modern technology particular importance is off the poor and depleted fields. In these cases the "Integra" with streamlining production processes improve significantly the profitability of business.