Building a model of the deposit and counting stocks

«Integra» experts designed and implemented software package – new method for constructing a mathematical model of the deposit to assess the stocks with high accuracy and reliability.

he deposit model is a set of geometrically identical cells (parallelepipeds), which split the entire mining within the boundaries of the so-called zone of mineralization. Each cell is ore contain rate, the average metal content in ore and belong to a certain category of exploration.

The model is based on the detailed exploration (of testing wells, ditches, underground workings, etc.) by using advanced mathematical techniques to accommodate not only the peculiarities of useful component of the field, but also how to conduct a detailed exploration, as well as the specifics of the exploration test. Coming analogues of the technology used in the practice of Western mining companies capture only average in the whole volume of the cell, while the methods of “Integra” to assess the probability of the existence of such a unit various largest content, and thus define (for a given board content), the quality and quantity of ore in each cell, and the rate of its ore contain .

Constructed in a manner deposit model can be used to calculate the reserves, the optimum design of mining enterprises, as well as short – and medium-term planning of mining operations in the already existing plant.

To verify the accuracy of the methodology proposed in one of the largest gold deposits have been carried out to compare models based on the detailed exploration data service testing accumulated more than 20 years of the deposit. The results reveal a high prediction accuracy.


The benefits of “Integra” technology is the mathematical model of the deposit

  • The most accurate picture of the spatial distribution of usable components;
  • accurately defining the borders ore body;
  • The high-quality ore anywhere in the ore body;
  • Assess the likelihood that the contents of a useful component;
  • Involving all the testing ore body to assess the quality of ore in each cell mathematical model deposit.
  • can be used for accurate assessment of the deposit;
  • Use for a career best final form.